Closer Proximity to the Subway Network Increases Robbery and Larceny

Tipo de publicación: Documento de Trabajo
Fecha: 2016
Autor(es): Kenzo Asahi, Patricio Domínguez

This paper identifies and quantifies the effects of closer proximity to the subway network on crime outcomes. A 24 km new subway line and the extension of an existing line in Santiago (Chile) in the mid-2000s reduced the distance between more than half of households in the city and their nearest subway station. Estimates are derived using instrumental variables and fixed effects models that account for endogeneity in the relation between crime and distance to the subway network. Closer proximity to subway stations increased both robbery and larceny in the public space within one year after the opening of the subway stations.

Palabras claves: Proximity to subway network, crime, robbery, larceny, burglary, urban public transport